In these projects I have been involved both in management and R&D activities. Some of the project deliverables I have been contributing to can be found here.

Current Projects

These are the projects I am curently involved in.


The OKKAM project project aims at enabling the Web of Entities, namely a virtual space where any collection of data and information about any type of entities (e.g. people, locations, organizations, events, products, …) published on the Web can be integrated into a single virtual, decentralized, open knowledge base (like the Web did for hypertexts). [more]

Past Projects

These are the projects I have been involved in the past years.


The SHAPE project aims to support the development and realization of enterprise systems based on a Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous service Architecture (SHA). SHA extends Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with semantics and heterogeneous infrastructures (Web services, Agents, Semantic Web Services, P2P and Grid) under a unified service oriented approach. [more]

SemanticGov Logo

SemanticGov aims at building the infrastructure (software, models, services, etc) necessary for enabling the offering of semantic web services by public administration (PA). Through this cutting edge infrastructure, SemanticGov will address longstanding challenges faced by public administrations such as achieving interoperability amongst PA agencies both within a country as well as amongst countries, easing the discovery of PA services by its customers, facilitating the execution of complex services often involving multiple PA agencies in interworkflows. More importantly, this infrastructure will exploit SemanticGov as an enabler for total reengineering of PA service provision and propose a paradigm shift of today’s modus operandi. [more]


The major objective of SUPER is to raise Business Process Management (BPM) to the business level, where it belongs, from the IT level where it mostly resides now. This objective requires that BPM is accessible at the level of semantics of business experts. [more]

KW Logo

The mission of KnowledgeWeb was to strengthen the European industry and service providers in one of the most important areas of current computer technology: Semantic Web enabled E-work and E-commerce. The project concentrated its efforts around the outreach of this technology to industry. Naturally, this included education and research efforts to ensure the durability of impact and support of industry. [more]

DIP Logo

DIP’s objective was to develop and extend Semantic Web and Web Service technologies in order to produce a new technology infrastructure for Semantic Web Services (SWS) - an environment in which different web services can discover and cooperate with each other automatically. DIP’s long term mission was to deliver the enormous potential benefits of Semantic Web Services to e-Work and e-Commerce. [more]

Lion Logo

The DERI Líon project will combine and harness the power of Web Services and the Semantic Web. The end result will be a scalable semantics-based Web Service environment where business partners can seamlessly share services across dynamic business communities. [more]