These are some of the working groups I have been involved.

Conceptual Models for Services (CMS) CMS Logo

The mission of the Conceptual Models for Services Working Group (CMS WG) is to continue the efforts of the WSMO working group in two ways. Firstly, the group will maintain WSMO adding updates as appropriate to fulfil requests from Semantic Web Service researchers and practitioners. Secondly, building on WSMO itwill create a number of new generic ontologies. [more]

Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO) WSMO Logo

It has the mission to create a Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO) for describing various aspects of Semantic Web Services. By exhaustively deploying WSMO, the integration problem aims to be solved. The main features of WSMO - simplicity (a solution to the integration problem that is as simple as possible), completeness (solves all aspects of the integration problem), executability (a set of execution semantics exists as well as a reference implementation) - should provide a world-wide standard, which will be developed together with industrial partners and other research groups, and will be aligned with many different research projects. [more]


The aim of the OASIS SEE TC is to provide guidelines, justifications and implementation directions for an execution environment for Semantic Web services. The resulting infrastructure will incorporate the application of semantics to service-oriented systems and will provide intelligent mechanisms for consuming Semantic Web services. [more]

Web Service Execution Environment (WSMX) WSMX Logo

The mission of WSMX is to create an execution environment for the dynamic discovery, selection, mediation, invocation and inter-operation of Semantic Web Services. The platform, called Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX), is a sample implementation of the Web Services Modelling Ontology (WSMO) which describes all aspects of Semantic Web Services. [more]

DERI Innsbruck MEDIATION Working Group

Mediation in SEE aims at providing flexible mediation service at both data and process level. [more]