Who Am I

Adrian Mocan

I am a researcher at the SAP Research Center in Dresden, part of the Data Management & Analytics Research Program (DM&A) team.

Previously, I was a researcher at the Semantic Technology Institute Innsbruck (STI Innsbruck), as a member of the Service Web Intelligence and Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) research units.  In STI I was working in the area of Semantic Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures, with main focus on Semantic Web Services interoperability.

I started my PhD studies at the National University of Ireland (NUIG), as a member of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Galway. While I was in Galway, I was involved in the DERI Líon project and in the European-funded project DIP, where I was working on developing ontology-based solutions for data mediation. After moving to Innsbruck, I was involved in several other European projects such as SemanticGov, KnowledgeWeb or SUPER, continuing to work in the area of Semantic Web services and on data mediation techniques and tools. I have received my doctoral degree from NUIG in October 2008, with a thesis in the area of Data Interoperability.